Chano Nykjaer

Economist | Innovator | Speaker

Who Is Chano?


Chano Nykjaer is an economist with entrepreneurial spirit. He is a keynote speaker and business innovator.

He was asset allocation strategist in the financial sector before adding focus into business administration and innovation.


He is also the author of asset pricing researches and connecting academic work to empirical studies. Chano holds a Master of science from the University of Copenhagen and an International Executive MBA from the University of Saint Gallen in Switzerland.


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Prepare your business for the future



Professional background.

With more than 15 years professional experience from the financial sector Chano provides a valuable service within innovation management.


Academic background.

Professional experience is combined with academic science.




To help corporations innovate and manage financials, thereby, creating a profitable business in the long run.



Speeches and consulting services are offered on individual basis.

  • Business Model Innovation
  • Accounting Management
  • Economics

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